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Event planner & Special services: SAMARCANDA SERVIZI

Via F. Grifeo, 18
Firenze, 50141
Telephone: +39 055 413997
Fax: +39 055 413997
E-mail: info@samarcandaservizi.it
Web site: www.samarcandaservizi.it
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There is no event without the warmth, professionalism and attention of qualified staff. In the world of fairs and congresses, Samarcanda represents a benchmark for reliability and organization, efficiency and competence, not to mention the smile and satisfaction.

The working team of Samarcanda is composed by a team of professionals who speak at least two languages.

The experience gained in the field allowed to Samarcanda to expand its experience. Today we are able to anticipate and predict customer expectations, giving more attention to the details that determine the real success of an event.




- Hostess Secretariat
- Hostess congress hall
- Hostess hospitality desk
- Hostess to transfer
- Hostess for gala evenings
- Hostess for tours on a sailing boat
- Tour Leaders with license

- Tour leaders for outgoing
- Company visits
- Promoters
- Stewards
- Helping Hands
- Installation and dismantling exhibitions